Eltosh Aluminium Dichroic UV Reflector 205mm



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Dichroic reflectors are a very important aspect of the curing process. If your machine has these purple, shiny coated reflectors, then the reflectors have two major functions. The first function is like that of any other reflector, simply to reflect the light onto the surface that needs curing. The second function is more interesting. Whereas a regular silver reflector simply reflects everything, purple dichroic reflectors allow IR energy to pass while reflecting only UV light at the exact wavelength needed for curing. This means that your lamp life increases because it runs at a cooler temperature and you do not risk damaging your cured substance with high heat. Although these purple reflectors are more expensive than the silver ones used on some presses, they are great tools for thermal control and should be replaced whenever they become foggy, start peeling or delaminate.

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