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Thunder Lamps SL

Welcome to our online Store, here you’ll find the replacements parts for your UV curing systems, such as Quartz Plates, Aluminium Reflectors, Quartz Dichroic Reflector, Hot mirrors, Aluminium Dichroic UV Reflector, UV and IR Lamps.

We can customize Reflectors and Lamps According to your requirements, Contact us.

Thunderlamps Also offer a plenty range of Accessories  for UV and IR Lamps,  Such as High Voltage Cables,  UV/IR Ceramic and Metal Sockets, Metal Holders For  IR Lamps Twin Tube 23×11 and 33×15


Replacement UV and IR Curing Lamps and reflectors Guaranteed To keep your equipment Running optimally

With nearly 17 years of UV and IR Curing Lamp and Reflectors manufacturing experience, we can make virtually any lamp for you and guarantee it for performance. If you know the item part number or brand name , you can enter it in the search box at the Bottom of this page and if the product required don’t shows up on our store,  you can also contact us at or even Submit a custom  fill up form with your required product and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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