Many thanks for visiting Thunder Lamps web store, we appreciate that you find the replacement parts you are looking for, but if you don't , don't you worries just contact us with your requirements and we'll be very happy to assist you, we can manufacture the Lamps, Reflectors according to the specifications required.

Most of our products display online have certain amount in Stock to be  shipped in just few hours after your purchase, in case the goods you need are not available in stock, it will might  take some time for production, feel free to contact us for more information’s.                                                            

Thunderlamps Also offer a plenty range of Accessories  for UV and IR Lamps,  Such as High Voltage Cables,  UV/IR Ceramic and Metal Sockets, Metal Holders For  IR Lamps Twin Tube 23×11 and 33×15

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if you don't find the specific Product you are a looking for on our website, Please click on the button to take you to the Specifications Form and fill up the form and submit to us, we'll be back to you ASAP.
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